All orders are shipped within two business days (including personalised ones), but most will be shipped the following business day. We try to prioritise orders where a customer has paid for express shipping.

See our Shipping page for delivery times to your particular area.

No problem! Give us a call or send us an instant message with the design/colour you want, when you need it and your postcode. We'll check our stock and Australia Post's delivery time and if we can help we will, no extra charge, no 'rush fee'.  

If you contact us and order before lunchtime, in many instances we can ship your order on the same day, including personalised orders.

Orders up to $100: flat rate of $9.50

Orders over $100: free shipping

Express Post: $12 per order

International: $11 per order


We are located in Bayswater in Melbourne and open from 8am to 4pm.

If you would like to collect your order, leave a note in the 'comments' box in the shopping cart. We will refund your shipping charge and email you collection details when it's ready for collection.

Yes, just specify the shipping address during checkout. This can be different to the billing address.

If the shipping address is different to the billing address, we will add a note in the order telling the recipient who sent it.

By default we do not include an invoice with orders - you will receive it by email.


Personalisation is $5.50 per toy.

It's also $5.50 for both the helicopter and speedster in the combined pack.

Pretty much as many as you want!

We lay each one out individually and size the text to best fit the area available on the toy, therefore more characters will result in smaller text.

When ordering, put your preferred text in the order and we will contact you if we have any issues.

Yes! We can personalise your toy with anything, within the limits of space (the more text, the smaller it has to be to fit). To order, add the details to the personalisation text fields on the product page.

Yes! If you can enter it into the personalisation text fields on the product pages, we can do it. Any questions feel free to contact us.

Maybe. We can laser etch any flat surface, for example the underside of the aeroplane wings, back of rattles etc. Due to equipment constraints, we cannot etch around the perimeter.

To order text in a non-standard location, leave the details in the 'comments' box in the shopping cart. We will contact you if we have any problems.

Custom and Corporate Orders

Yes and no!

We manufacture everything we sell in-house, so have scope to do custom work. We can make bulk orders of custom items to your design, bulk orders of wooden boxes and personalise bulk orders of our existing toys with your logo or message. For details see our custom and corporate orders page.

Toys - one offs:

As it takes a lot of work to design and prototype new designs, plus test them to the mandatory Australian Standard for toy safety (AS8124), one-offs are not viable. 

Toys - contract manufacturing:

If you have a fully developed design, we're happy to do contract manufacturing on a build to print basis. That is, we manufacture the item to your specifications and the you're responsible for development and AS8124 compliance of the design. It takes a significant amount of time, prototyping and testing to take a concept to a market ready toy, something we unfortunately don't have the time to do, so your design needs to be well developed and ready for manufacturing. 

Manufacturing in Australia also means we're unlikely to be cost competitive, especially if we take a cut then you take a cut (and potentially a retailer too). This is a large part of why we manufacture our products in-house.  

Other items:
We make all of our products in house, so if you have a specific item you want made, we may be able to help you. See our Corporate and Custom Orders page for more info.

Our capabilities include CNC routing (up to 1000x1000mm) and laser cutting/etching (eg logos). We specialise in medium upwards quantities of smaller items. We can work from a hand sketch, drawing or 3D CAD model. We're happy to source and use almost any readily available timber. 

Contact us for a quote or to discuss your project.

Materials and Manufacturing

Our toys are made primarily using Beech. We use natural based oils and non-toxic water based paints and varnish. All our surface finishes comply with the Australian Standard for toy safety.

As we take toy safety extremely seriously, we do not use recycled timber as we cannot be sure of where it was used and what may have leeched into it during its original use.  

Our workshop is located in Bayswater, in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Our toys enter our workshop as planks of wood and leave as the beautiful toys you see on our website. We make everything in house, except a few of the small parts, for which we do not have the equipment. All of the personalisation is done in house.

Discounts and Sales

We often get asked if we discount or ever have sales. The short answer is no.

The reasons are many:

The cost of producing our products locally is high, in particular, we pay fair, Australian wages. While our products are not cheap, we sell them for a fair price given what they cost to make, so don’t have much room to discount. The upside of this is that they are made by people who care, not the lowest bidder.

People who paid the full price would feel like they got ripped off.

To have sales, we would have to put our ‘normal’ prices up to cover the discount, so most people would end up paying more.

Sales are addictive and destructive to businesses, so like drugs, we refrain from the outset.

It also enables us to focus on making the best quality products around, backed up by the best service going around, not sales gimmicks. For example, need your order super urgently? No problem! Contact us and if we can ship it quicker we will. No 'rush fee'. Want a non-standard colour? If we can, we will. No extra charge. We think everyone is better off this way. 

We hope you understand!

Payment and Ordering

We accept PayPal, AfterPay, ZipPay, Visa and Mastercard.

We use a secure checkout to ensure that your data is safe.

Sorry, we do not - we don't have a credit card terminal. Plus, we don't like orders floating around our workshop on scraps of paper!

Yes (for Australian purchases).

Cleaning and Care

Lightly sand it with fine (approx 240 grit) sandpaper to remove any chips, then lightly apply two coats of Osmo Polyx oil to the worn areas.

Email us with your address if you would like us to send you a small jar of oil.

To clean your rattle or teether, wipe it down with a damp cloth and a little dishwashing detergent. Do not immerse it in water or use a dishwasher.


Due to the high cost of making our products locally, wholesale is not viable. As such, we're not taking on any new stockists and only supplying a small number of existing ones who have been with us for many years. Sorry!

Business Advice

We get this quite a bit and don't mind talking to and helping others in the same space. Our reasons are as follows:

a. What goes around comes around,

b. The children’s toy pie is big enough for plenty of people to have a slice. We believe that more people promoting high quality, locally made products will expand the segment for everyone.

Before asking for help, we ask 3 things:

1. You look for the information on our website and the internet. The answers to the most common questions we get from competitors are on our website or are relatively easy to find on the internet.

2. You also believe in point (a) above. Specifically, you would be willing to answer any reasonable question we ask.

3. You're upfront about what you're doing and why you’re asking. It’s obvious when people aren’t and it suggests that either you don’t believe in point (a) above or are trying to copy us (which would not be a good strategy anyway). More info about what you're doing also helps us better help you. In summary, the more info you give us, the more willing to help we'll be.

We get quite a few questions regarding compliance with the Australian Standard. We're neither lawyers nor technical advisors and don't understand the specifics of what you're doing, so it would be irresponsible of us to give specific advice on this. Our recommendation is that you purchase a copy of the standard, read it cover to cover, know the key areas intimately, design your product with the requirements of the standard in mind and get your products tested by an appropriate test lab.

That said, get in touch. Hopefully we can help each other! 

Customers are always our highest priority and we often struggle to find time to develop our own products, so apologies in advance if we take a little while to reply.